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    Recent transformative technologies and brain sciences have opened revolutionary possibilities for expression and social evolution. Art reveals these new potentials and makes them accessible to general experience. I use multimedia installations and virtual space to create multi-sensory, interactive, experiences. I strive to create opportunities for individuals to form new relationships with themselves, and to reveal the way concepts of identity are changing as a result of emerging technologies.

    Advanced communication and information systems are altering how information is interpreted and perceived. Interactions within our environments are increasingly information based, ephemeral, and less concrete. To understand how these changes are impacting our personal and social spaces, I have focused on a study of information processing, and the way that memory functions to locate the individual within their world.

    My work uses interaction as a means of engagement, offering space for active participation and encouraging viewers to discard passive modes of observation. In Shiko Ltd, and Echo and Narcissus, both interactive installations, I explored the dynamic between human memory and machine information processing by using digitally processed video and sound as a means of contrasting machine and mind. More generally, my work exploits the abilities of computer algorithms to deconstruct and reconstruct sensory data extracted from the audience, forming new relationships between familiar images and sounds. At first, the data derives from audience interaction with the space. Over time, however, this information becomes disjointed as it is processed: it breaks apart, repeating fracturing, and reverberating in unpredictable ways. Similarly, in the 4-Channel Video installation SuperBowl Series I have compressed the footage of the 4 years of the Superbowl down to 7-10 minutes each. The heavily layered aural and visual information loses its original meaning, becoming random noise, and causes our brains to seek out patterns in the chaos. As the media itself becomes increasingly garbled, these broken images provide openings for familiar information to be differently experienced.

    As an artist, I am also an inventor, with the goal of providing innovative ways of approaching life within the contemporary framework. Following the lead of many currently practicing roboticists and computer scientists, I create programs and build digital environments in order to learn from machines. I seek to understand the world through a systematic, empirical study of naturally occurring phenomena. By applying the logic of physical phenomena such as gravity and fire to my study of motion, memory, and information processing, I develop systems that both function as artistic tools and teaching objects

    I am continuously working to bridge the gap between the body and the mind. In Breathe, I utilize simple technologies to draw air in and push air out of a rubber bellows. The sound of the air being inhaled and exhaled is meant to offer both an internal and external experience for the viewer. The cycling of the sound is reminiscent of the breath, the sound itself reminiscent of the ocean. In this art piece, a pure machine simulates an interior human experience, forming a recursive relationship with the viewer as they experience their own internal rhythm.

    In my TV Commercial Series, I have digitally processed images from television ads as a means of re/appropriating the imagery used by advertisers to sell us commodities. Too often, the imagery and sounds used in commercials have no reference point to the item being sold, but rather are used to target our innermost Desire, a most effective advertising technique. This series of work is meant to refine and distill the imagery from these ads. Re/appropriating these images are a way for me to give these spaces back to the viewer, thus offering a space for an experience with the Sublime.

    One of my central concerns as an artist is the collapse of time, space, and matter, which has been a dream of scientists and inventors for centuries. The time machine, transcendental meditation, and metaphysics, are all means of escaping the corporeal, the gravitational pull of the earth, and a freedom to exist in/on new planes of consciousness. For some, to experience the Real is an experience of the Sublime, through a momentary revelation of the immense power of the divine that lays dormant, hidden in the natural world waiting to be deciphered, decoded by employing the enlightened faculties of the human spirit. Through my work, I hope to offer a space for reflection, and an opportunity for people to take leave of their bodies, to escape the limits of the corporeal, and to return changed.